Chef'sChoice® Manual Sharpeners

1. Does Chef'sChoice® offer more than one type of manual knife sharpener?
Chef'sChoice manufactures 5 basic models incorporating 100% diamond abrasives to produce a sharper, stay-sharp-longer knife edge: The eXact-V™ #415, the MultiEdge™ #460, the Diamond Hone® #450, the Serrated #430 and the Compact Sharpener #480 series. All models are safe for quality knives.

2. What are the differences among the models?
The Model #415 is a v-shaped sharpener designed for straight edge kitchen, sport and pocket knives. It combines a precision spring-loaded angle guide with adjustable sharpening force and 100% diamond abrasives.

The Model #460 is designed for both straight edge and serrated knives. This counter-top, 2-Stage sharpener uses 100% diamond abrasives to produce double-beveled edges that are sharper and last longer. Precision angle guides ensure accurate angle control for foolproof sharpening. The sharpener comes with a protective dust cover.

The counter-top 2-Stage Model #450 also incorporates 100% diamond abrasives and precision angle guides for the same superior results but is designed for straight edge knives.

The counter-top single stage Model #430 is designed specifically for serrated and "never-need-sharpening" knives. 100% diamond abrasives realign the serrated knife-edge and sharpen prominent teeth into razor-sharp "micro-blades". Precision angle guides guarantee foolproof sharpening.

The versatile #480 series is rugged, multipurpose and pocketsize for quick and easy sharpening of knives, tools and sports accessories. All 480 models include a 2-Stage knife sharpener with 100% diamond abrasives and precision angle guides. Deluxe models in the 480 series include a variety of accessories including specialty sharpening pads and a convenient storage hatch. Please contact customer service for specifics on this series.

3. How are manual knife sharpeners different from electric?
The most obvious difference is that the user does the work and sharpening takes somewhat longer. The sharpening can be back and or one directional. Each stage sharpens both sides of the knife blade simultaneously. The design of the manual sharpeners actually makes them more versatile, easily utilized by both left-handed and right-handed users whether sharpening knives, fishhooks or tools. Manual sharpeners are of course, less expensive.

4. Will any of the Chef'sChoice manual knife sharpener models sharpen scissors?
Yes, Chef'sChoice manufacturers 2 models that sharpen scissors. The Model 480KS is a combination knife/scissors sharpener. The Model 490 is specifically designed to sharpen scissors. Both sharpeners come with removable angle guides and incorporate 100% diamond abrasives. There is no need to dissemble scissors when sharpening with either model.

5. Why would I purchase a Chef'sChoice manual knife sharpener?
Chef'sChoice manufacturers the best knife sharpeners available whether electric or manual. 100% diamond abrasives and precision angle guides ensure the strongest, sharpest edges possible. Chef'sChoice manual sharpeners are a great value. Their compact size makes them easy to store in kitchen and workshop drawers or in tackle boxes. They are great for touch-ups if you already own a Chef'sChoice electric model since all Chef'sChoice sharpeners put on compatible edges.

6. I can't seem to get my knives sharp enough with my manual sharpener. Why?
Users sometimes think that "more pressure" means "sharper" when sharpening a knife manually. This is not true. Apply almost no pressure. The 100% diamond abrasives and precision guides should do the rest. If a knife-edge is really dull or the bevel has been "rounded off" from using sharpening devices with no guides, sharpening it will take extra pulls in stage 1, but no extra pressure. Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable Chef'sChoice customer service representatives with specific sharpening questions.

7. Why don't both roller guides always turn when I sharpen?
Do not worry; as long as one of the rollers moves during sharpening, you are guiding the knife at the correct angle through the sharpening stages. The geometry of some knife blades is such that only one roller may turn.

8. How often should I use my Chef'sChoice manual knife sharpener?
If your knives are dull, sharpen them according to your instruction manual. Many times, you can use only Stage 2 for resharpening whenever the knives loose that razor-sharp, ultra-fine cutting edge. Because the combination of precision guides and diamond abrasives removes only microscopic amounts of metal during use, you can comfortably re-sharpen your knives whenever you feel it necessary.

9. Who manufacturers the Chef'sChoice manual knife sharpeners?
Edgecraft Corporation located in Avondale, Pennsylvania, engineers and assembles all manual sharpeners in the U.S.A. The company was founded in 1984 and currently manufacturers many fine small kitchen appliances under the Chef'sChoice® brand.

10. How can I purchase a Chef'sChoice manual knife sharpener?
Chef'sChoice manual knife sharpeners are available from leading department, cookware, specialty and cutlery stores, as well as mail order and online catalogs. For specific retailers, please call customer service at 800-342-3255 or, if you prefer to shop online, please see our list of online retailers.

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