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Chef'sChoice® Sportsman™ Classic WafflePro® #853:
Featuring a rustic, antlered deer head plate design, this new waffle maker is sure to delight the avid hunting and outdoor enthusiast. In less than two minutes, it bakes two delicious waffles with an  imprinted deer head design that will delight the palate and evoke the charm of the great outdoors for the entire family. Whether at home or the hunting lodge, you can enjoy the fresh taste and delicious aroma of these perfect homemade waffles.

Ideal for homemade or quick mix batters, the Sportsman™ Classic WafflePro® Model 853 features a superior non-stick, easy release coating and consistent even heating that guarantees beautifully patterned waffles,  uniformly baked inside and out. The adjustable baking control allows you to prepare the waffles just the way you like them, and with the Sportsman™ Classic WafflePro®'s   instant temperature recovery, it's always ready to bake more waffles for the entire family. An LED indicator light lets you know when the wafflemaker is properly heated to temperature and ready to bake. To ensure uniform thickness and even baking, the top waffle plate is designed with a floating hinge. A convenient, easy open latching handle combined with a built-in cord storage compartment allows the wafflemaker  to be stored in a space-saving upright position. One year limited warranty. UL or ETL Approval. Engineered in the U.S.A.

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